Cooling it down (your pc)

pc cooling systemDo you still have fantasies about water cooling for your new pc? I know I think about it whenever I build a new computer. Going from the every day air coolers to liquid cooling is a path to extreme performance. It like comparing amateur football player to a pro one playing in the final of NFL.

As this is somewhat a restrict area we should see some of it’s capabilities with cons and pros.
The first thing to pop in to your eyes is the price tag. Compared to a traditional air cooling systems the price is a bit higher. The price is even higher when you want a custom set-up. For example XSPC Raystorm 750 EX360 it’s just beneath the $200 mark.

Extra planning is required as all the compatibility issue reaches new heights. You can save on this if you get a prepackaged kit. Also make sure you have enough room in your case. Cooling systems require some extra space including the pump and all the tubing.

Now if you think it’s all good if you just plan, be sure that the installation is not user friendly as it is the case of other parts. You know you are running with water around your precious new components. So testing the kit before installing it can save your future pc.

As there is no intention to scare you off there are benefits if you are ready to overcome all the cons. The main area of benefit is if you plan to overcloack. For a everyday/average Joe system water cooling is not useful. But if you have overcloacking in your mind this system can put a big smile on your face and an even bigger performance.
Now there is the noise reduction aspect that can benefit any computer. Plus if you fancy a cool looking pc case all the nicely colored tubes can make it nice to have a transparent case.

Do you still want a liquid cooling system? Just as everything else in life customization is necessary before thinking about the answer.

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